Durable, Customized Signs for Texas Business Owners

Durable, Customized Signs for Texas Business Owners

There are many business signs fabrication options for Texas business owners, and Legacy Signs of Texas specializes in crafting the best-customized signs at affordable prices. Using only the best materials and industry-recommended procedures and methods, our fabrication and installation experts are able to build a better sign for your business, increasing your brand value and customer retention. Whether you need to go bigger than the competition with a pole sign or go brighter in your area with an LED sign, Legacy Signs of Texas is your best bet for durable, lasting signs at prices you can afford.

We offer many different styles and sign options; some of our most popular include:

Legacy Signs of Texas is your best choice for all of your business signs fabrication needs in the DFW area! Give us a call today to get started designing the sign of your dreams!

Pole signs for your DFW business

Pole signs provide an extra dimension to your business marketing schemes – height! By elevating your new sign above all the competition and visual obstructions at ground level (like trees, shrubs, and buildings), you can make more of an impact with less effort. Our pole signs are designed to withstand everything Mother Nature can hurl at them, and they last for years!

LED and Digital signs for your Texas business

LED and other Digital signs are a great investment. Providing the ultimate in custom sign options, these signs are fit with programmable and infinitely changeable information fields, which you can usually link with your computer system; this allows you to update your sign from the comfort of your office, even if the weather is dreadful outside. Advertise without the costs of printing or purchasing ad-space in the newspapers, and get the word out to your customers without delay.

Channel Letter signs and Reverse Channel Letter signs

Both Channel Letter signs and Reverse Channel Letter signs are customizable to fit your brand. You have the option to adjust and design the font, color, and overall look of your new sign when you choose Channel Letter or Reverse Channel Letter signs, and Legacy Signs of Texas uses only the best materials and methods to produce visually-appealing results for your brand image. Bring your entire business “look” together with a new business sign, custom-made to reflect your branding and image.

Choose Legacy Signs of Texas For Your Business Sign Fabrication Today!

Legacy Signs of Texas is a premier business sign company, and we take pride in providing quality signs at affordable prices for Texas businesses. Our promise to you is that we are not satisfied with your new business sign until you are! For your next customized business sign of any type, give Legacy Signs of Texas a call today! You will not be disappointed; we do the job right, and we do it on time!

Aluminum Frame

When choosing a sign for any occasion, the goal is to acquire high impact with lasting sustainability. At Legacy Signs of Texas, our licensed professionals know what it takes to give you the look you are searching for but also the edge in technology and design that guarantees you and your projects the attraction and draw that you deserve. One of the most popular designs would be our aluminum frame signs, which is more modular and affords multiple dimensions. Whether viewed during the day or lit at night, you’re sure to attract the attention you seek without sacrificing your budget or accessibility. 

Aluminum Frame is both lightweight and durable, able to compare in strength to steel while capable of handling a wide range of requirements from heavy to light-duty applications. You can choose to keep the background simple or go with paint to enhance the dimensions of the aluminum frame, giving multiple options for the best curb appeal possible for all your signage needs. Contact our design experts today to select your optimal time for a consultation today!

Low Profile Raceway

At Legacy Signs of Texas, our design experts know what it takes to deliver the best quality and cutting edge technology, while never sacrificing on quality and budget. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to help you discover just how amazing our low profile raceway signage is. Perhaps you are in a building that is situated in a strip mall or makes your location seemingly obscure. Our licensed experts are here to help you choose the best sign for you and your needs, guaranteeing you the most optimal exposure and curb appeal. A raceway sign is one that is a rectangular sign mounting structure that also serves as an enclosure for both singe electrical components (like a transformer) and wiring. 

You may be one of the property owners who require raceway mounting, as this particular mounting type requires fewer mounting holes. Raceways are also generally painted to blend in with the building facade color. You can choose to have your sign simply stand alone with color options or enhance the attraction by adding lights to the signage for guaranteed notice in the evening. At Legacy Signs of Texas, we are dedicated to providing you with the quality and excellence you deserve and the special attention to budget so that you have all that you need and more with our guaranteed customer satisfaction.


We pride ourselves on our exceptional work ethic and attention to detail at Legacy Signs of Texas. Our design experts have years of experience with wireway signage, creating a seamless approach for your display needs. A number of property owners have the requirement of using wireway signs, as a channel letter set is only permitted to protrude a specified distance from the wall, and wireways are thinner than raceways. In comparison, a wireway is a slimmer aluminum enclosure and mounting structure. Basically, it is an enclosed passage for electrical wiring, with channel lettering being mounted the same as on a raceway. However, it is important to note that wireways require fewer holes for mounting as well as only contain wires within the enclosure, while a raceway will have the electrical components in addition to the wiring making it much more difficult to move and repurpose. 

Additionally, unlike raceways, a wireway can serve as a triple duty provider. This means it can enclose wiring, be a letter mounting surface, and a backboard. Because the electrical components are generally placed inside the building, this provides a much simpler process of removal and repurposing, as well as leaving the building facade virtually untouched. Let our licensed experts at Legacy Signs partner with you to provide the best outcome for all your signage needs. We are here to serve you with the best customer service and bring your vision to life!

Exposed Neon 

Our state of the art facilities at Legacy Signs of Texas are well equipped to provide you with unlimited options for your exposed neon signs. We know that having the highest impact with the greatest excellence is paramount to your success, along with uncompromising quality that doesn’t break your budget. This is why we have intentionally taken the time to provide the latest technology so that your exposed neon sign has the potential to radically change your curb appeal. Our design experts have the ability to offer multidimensional choices, as well as having them lit for the most optimal solution to increasing your exposure and provide your clients with the assurance that your business is their first choice. Contact Legacy Signs of Texas today for your custom consultation and discover just how much we love partnering with our clients and giving life to their vision.

Exposed Neon Low Profile

Have you been wanting to elevate the curb appeal and make your business more noticeable? At Legacy Signs of Texas, we have made it our priority to keep our options unlimited for our clients. We strive daily to provide excellent customer service, focused energy on the details, as well as empower your business to be a feature point just as you want. When you are wanting to provide light and vibrancy to your business location, consider making your sign an exposed neon low profile. This means that your unique design can be shaped into complex figures, accent borders, or used as indirect cove lighting. Your business will be taken to the next level with Legacy Signs of Texas as your partner, creating a positive impact on your business and your clients.

Lighted Channel Letters On Cedar Wood Backplate

With the design experts at Legacy Signs of Texas, you are guaranteed peace of mind and the highest quality for all of your sign needs. We specialize in all of the latest trends and designs, including lighted channel letters on cedar wood backplates. Our licensed experts are available to provide a customized consultation to hear your vision, review your best options, and see if the cedar wood backplate meets your criteria. As the name implies, we would be taking the lighted channel letters and attach them to a cedar wood backplate. It is important to note that some of the features with lighted channel letters are not permitted for all building owners, as many will leave numerous compromises on the exterior of the building facade. Contact us at Legacy Signs of Texas today so we can get your business taken care of and establish the curb appeal you are seeking as soon as possible.

Lighted Channel Letters On Backplate

While looking for the right sign that will draw in clients and bring you the best possible curb appeal, be mindful that finding the best company to partner with is the most important part of your process. At Legacy Signs of Texas, we are dedicated to providing you with the excellence and professional experience you and your company deserve. We refuse to compromise our high standard of excellence and quality of workmanship for anything, and we make it a priority to bring your vision to life while remaining in your budget. 

Your satisfaction is our promise, and our licensed experts are available right now to assist you in discovering which sign option is your best-case scenario for what you are looking for. Allow our design experts to meet with you in a custom consultation to ensure you get what you not only want, but the quality and expertise you deserve. We can help unpack each option, including the lighted channel letters on a backplate. We will walk you through each step making sure you understand what this will require for your particular building facade as well as any requirements needed for your specific needs. At Legacy Signs of Texas, we look forward to partnering with you on your design needs.

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I was looking for someone to create our sign for our business. Hands down this is the most professional vendor, I have ever worked with. I have always said No one will ever care about your business than you, with legacy sign this is not true. From day one my experience has been pretty much stress free. They truly care about your project and your vision for your sign. The amount the detail, and care that went into the sign was paramount. I am truly impressed, and will use them again. You get what you pay for. Truly good quality, is worth the money.

Dennis Bear

Dennis Bear

Very pleasant experience with the whole team at Legacy Signs. We will definitely be using them again as the need arises.

Kristi Gill

Kristi Gill

Legacy Signs of Texas is truly a great company to work with. They produce quality products in the most timely manner. Bill has helped several of our clients with their signs and every client is more than satisfied with the product. I would recommend this company to anyone!

Kelly Brantley

Kelly Brantley

Dale and Roger were great to work with, especially helping us get through the permitting process. The sign quality was excellent and prices very reasonable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for signage.

Brett Parham

Brett Parham

Outstanding customer service from a trustworthy/reliable family owned business. Thank you Legacy Signs for helping my business look professional. I really appreciated the quick turnaround- everyone was super helpful and the design is drawing a lot of business. I will definitely return for all of my sign needs in the future! Thank you!!

Raquel Davila

Raquel Davila

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