Neon vs. LED Signs

Neon vs. LED SignsNeon signs became the norm for outdoor advertising decades ago. In fact, they date all the way back to the 1920s. These signs popped up everywhere, and their glow brought attention to businesses and increased foot traffic. This new technology offered a variety of colors and created light in a more energy-efficient way. Huge numbers of businesses in the DFW area used these signs, and many are still functioning today. However, a better version of the lighted sign has emerged. Here is a look at why LED signs are superior to neon.


Although neon signs have become more energy efficient than they were decades ago, they still use much more power than LED signs. More voltage is used by neon signs, making them worse for the environment, not to mention more dangerous and more costly to use. Since the two types of signs have a similar initial purchase price, it’s clear that LED signs are superior for energy efficiency, as well as cost efficiency. 


LED lights shine brighter than neon lights and can be seen from farther away. This will bring more attention to your sign and make it easier to find your business. Some people feel that neon lights give off a warmer, more “vintage” light, but the benefits of choosing LED lights far outweigh this one perk.

Technological Benefits

An LED sign can operate 24 hours a day to attract customers, or you can save energy costs by easily turning off the sign outside of business hours. LED signs can be paired with wireless devices. You can control your sign with a phone, computer, or by remote control, making it easy to keep your sign lit up on the schedule that works best for you. If you opt for a digital sign, you can also change the message with ease. The days of trudging out to manually change the message on a sign are over.


There are many dangers involved with installing, maintaining, or repairing neon signs. Workers can be shocked due to the high voltage, and the glass tubing can be dangerous. These tubes also need special treatment when it’s time to dispose of them. LED signs emit very little heat and are shockproof. These signs also do not contain harmful materials such as phosphorus or mercury. 

Installation and Repair

Since LED signs are much safer, they make installation, maintenance, and repairs easier. Plus, LED signs require much less maintenance than neon signs and will last thousands of hours longer. The increased maintenance needed by neon signs is especially true in colder climates, where low temperatures and snow can adversely affect neon signs. They can become dimmer, discolored, or flicker when it’s cold out.

Converting Neon Signs to LED

If your business has an old neon sign, think about converting it to LED. This will save you money over the life of the sign. When you upgrade to LED, your sign will be made to mimic the previous design, and your customers will not even notice a difference. Of course, you can upgrade the look of the sign if you’d prefer. When you convert from neon to LED, you’ll want to work with an experienced company. One that will make sure the design is exactly what you want, explain best practices for maintenance and be available to perform any needed repairs in the future. 

Who Can Benefit From an LED Sign?

All retail stores and restaurants can benefit from LED signs. Schools, hospitals, stadiums, car dealerships, and apartment complexes are also great candidates. The great thing about LED signage is that it can be so much more than just the name of your business. Advertise specials or include a holiday message on a digital LED sign. These signs can set you apart from others, and each can be customized for your needs. 

Why Choose Legacy Signs of Texas for Your LED Sign Needs?

Our team at Legacy Signs of Texas can help you design your sign or offer a plan for converting your current neon sign to LED. After the design is finished, we will fabricate the sign to the agreed-upon specifications. Once the sign is ready, our experienced team will install your sign and be available for maintenance and repairs. We stand behind our work and support small businesses as well as major chains. All our signs are warrantied, and we are a family-owned business offering manufacturer-direct pricing. Our team has over 150 years of combined experience and will work in a timely manner and stay in touch with you through the entire process. We also offer a free consultation and initial quote on repair, replacement, or new signs. Contact us online or give us a call at (817) 398-3703 to start the process.

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I was looking for someone to create our sign for our business. Hands down this is the most professional vendor, I have ever worked with. I have always said No one will ever care about your business than you, with legacy sign this is not true. From day one my experience has been pretty much stress free. They truly care about your project and your vision for your sign. The amount the detail, and care that went into the sign was paramount. I am truly impressed, and will use them again. You get what you pay for. Truly good quality, is worth the money.

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Dennis Bear

Very pleasant experience with the whole team at Legacy Signs. We will definitely be using them again as the need arises.

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Kristi Gill

Legacy Signs of Texas is truly a great company to work with. They produce quality products in the most timely manner. Bill has helped several of our clients with their signs and every client is more than satisfied with the product. I would recommend this company to anyone!

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Brett Parham

Outstanding customer service from a trustworthy/reliable family owned business. Thank you Legacy Signs for helping my business look professional. I really appreciated the quick turnaround- everyone was super helpful and the design is drawing a lot of business. I will definitely return for all of my sign needs in the future! Thank you!!

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