Converting Neon Signs to LED in Dallas/Fort Worth

DFW Neon to LED Sign Conversions

Neon signs transformed the business world decades ago, providing a new way to garner attention and increase foot traffic. The signs became massively popular, and businesses throughout the DFW area benefited from the new method of outreach. You have seen them everywhere, and your own business has benefited from neon displays.

Today, there is a better sign. LEDs offer massive advantages over neon lights, and the team at Legacy Signs of Texas can convert your neon signage into the newer, improved LED presentation. We’ll help you design your new LED lights to make sure they’re better than the neon they replace. We also offer installation of the signs to ensure that they are secure and properly visible. Finally, we’ll help you with maintenance and repair to make sure your signs last a long time. Contact Legacy Signs for expert conversion of your Dallas/Fort Worth neon business sign.

Benefits of LED Signs Over Neon Signs

Every once in a while, a technology comes along that is just plain better than what came before it. Neon used to be the breakthrough method of lighting signs. It offered a more energy-efficient way to create light, and it offered interesting colors that were great for grabbing attention. 

Nowadays, there’s an even better alternative to neon: Light-Emitting Diodes. Everything that neon can do, LED does better. LED lights are substantially more efficient than neon and other older lighting options. For the same amount of brightness, an LED light will consume less power, and over time, LED signs will save you a significant amount on your electricity bills. LEDs are also brighter and run cooler than neon lights, making them safer to handle and better at their jobs. Additionally, LED lights last thousands of hours longer than their neon counterparts. In every single way, the LED lights are superior.

LED Sign Installation and Repair

Perhaps the best part of LED lighting is that it can perfectly mimic neon signage, if that’s what you want. When installed properly, you can upgrade your neon to LED, and your customers will be unaware of any change. Of course, you can also upgrade your signage if you prefer. With professional installation from Legacy Signs of Texas, upgraded signage is readily available to you.

Once the LED-lit signs are installed, we’ll show you how to maintain them, and we offer repair services to keep them in top shape for years to come. If damage comes from an accident, storm, or otherwise, we have the tools and experience to repair your sign and keep it in top working condition.

You can have the best signage available with modern technology. All you have to do is embrace the superiority of LED lights and let them do the work for you. Make your business as noticeable and inviting as possible with professional neon to LED sign conversion from Legacy Signs of Texas. We provide sign fabrication and related services throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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I was looking for someone to create our sign for our business. Hands down this is the most professional vendor, I have ever worked with. I have always said No one will ever care about your business than you, with legacy sign this is not true. From day one my experience has been pretty much stress free. They truly care about your project and your vision for your sign. The amount the detail, and care that went into the sign was paramount. I am truly impressed, and will use them again. You get what you pay for. Truly good quality, is worth the money.

Dennis Bear

Dennis Bear

Very pleasant experience with the whole team at Legacy Signs. We will definitely be using them again as the need arises.

Kristi Gill

Kristi Gill

Legacy Signs of Texas is truly a great company to work with. They produce quality products in the most timely manner. Bill has helped several of our clients with their signs and every client is more than satisfied with the product. I would recommend this company to anyone!

Kelly Brantley

Kelly Brantley

Dale and Roger were great to work with, especially helping us get through the permitting process. The sign quality was excellent and prices very reasonable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for signage.

Brett Parham

Brett Parham

Outstanding customer service from a trustworthy/reliable family owned business. Thank you Legacy Signs for helping my business look professional. I really appreciated the quick turnaround- everyone was super helpful and the design is drawing a lot of business. I will definitely return for all of my sign needs in the future! Thank you!!

Raquel Davila

Raquel Davila

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