Custom Business Signs 101: Where to Buy Signs for Your Business

Custom Business Signs 101: Where to Buy Signs for Your BusinessIf your business has a physical location that customers or clients can visit, then it needs multiple signs. At the very least, people need to know that they have come to the right place, but good signage can do so much more. It can attract attention and garner interest. It can increase traffic to your business. Great signage can grow your business all by itself.

While that all sounds great, how do you go about getting great signs? Sure, you could order a cookie-cutter sign on the internet, but that doesn’t really represent your business and what you are about. If you want something custom, where can you find it? 

Where to Buy Signs

When you want custom signs for a business, you probably want a local resource so you can work directly with them and eliminate distance challenges. This is especially valuable for the design part of the process. Collaborating on design with someone local is easier, and it almost always leads to better results.

You also want access to a large variety of signs. That allows you to present your business in several different ways. Limiting your choices can be frustrating.

In addition to a range of signs, you want the full range of services. Otherwise, you have to start this search from scratch to find someone to design each sign. Then, you start over to find a sign fabricator, and you have to search a third time for a sign installer.

Instead, you can just work with Legacy Signs of Texas. We provide all of these services, we have a massive range of sign options, and we are right here in Texas.

What We Do at Legacy Signs of Texas

To say that we make signs is to grossly oversimplify what you get when you work with us. We handle every stage of sign production. From the initial design all the way through installation, you never have to work with a third party to get a custom sign from us. We handle everything, and that is what allows us to produce the best signs that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting. We handle all kinds of sign styles — big or small, indoor or outdoor, simple or complicated.


The entire principle of using custom signage is to explore freedom in your designs and create something that is unique and interesting. That drives traffic to your business and makes the sign worth its investment. You likely already have some interesting ideas in mind for your sign. What you need is an experienced sign professional who can take your ideas and make them a reality. At Legacy Signs of Texas, our professional designers help you craft your idea into something concrete.

Even if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want, we have the experience and skills to help you. We have plenty of designs you can choose from, and we can also take you through a process to produce an original sign that is custom-designed for your business.


Once a sign is designed, it has to be made. We do sign fabrication right here. You don’t have to wait on shipping or international trade issues. Getting the fabrication done in the same house as design simplifies the process and improves reliability. You know that you’re going to get what you ordered because the pro design team is working directly with the fabricators to ensure quality.


After all of this work on design and fabrication, it would be a shame if your custom sign was installed improperly. The best way to avoid that is to have the sign installed by the same professionals who designed and built it. There are no better hands for the job, and this is the main reason we like to handle installing the custom signs that we build. It’s about finishing the job the right way so that your sign is secured and ready to last a long time.


If your sign ever needs maintenance, the people who created it are best suited for the work. We know that sign better than anyone else ever could, and we know exactly how to take care of it to keep it looking great. We’ll help your sign endure for years so you can truly get the most out of it.

Contact Legacy Signs of Texas online or call us at 817-398-3703 today. See our gallery of signage projects, discover the options waiting for you, and get custom signage that lets people know who you are and what you can do for them. Improve your business with great signs from Legacy Signs of Texas today.

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Legacy Signs Shape

I was looking for someone to create our sign for our business. Hands down this is the most professional vendor, I have ever worked with. I have always said No one will ever care about your business than you, with legacy sign this is not true. From day one my experience has been pretty much stress free. They truly care about your project and your vision for your sign. The amount the detail, and care that went into the sign was paramount. I am truly impressed, and will use them again. You get what you pay for. Truly good quality, is worth the money.

Dennis Bear

Dennis Bear

Very pleasant experience with the whole team at Legacy Signs. We will definitely be using them again as the need arises.

Kristi Gill

Kristi Gill

Legacy Signs of Texas is truly a great company to work with. They produce quality products in the most timely manner. Bill has helped several of our clients with their signs and every client is more than satisfied with the product. I would recommend this company to anyone!

Kelly Brantley

Kelly Brantley

Dale and Roger were great to work with, especially helping us get through the permitting process. The sign quality was excellent and prices very reasonable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for signage.

Brett Parham

Brett Parham

Outstanding customer service from a trustworthy/reliable family owned business. Thank you Legacy Signs for helping my business look professional. I really appreciated the quick turnaround- everyone was super helpful and the design is drawing a lot of business. I will definitely return for all of my sign needs in the future! Thank you!!

Raquel Davila

Raquel Davila

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