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Cabinet signs (commonly referred to as “Box Signs “or “wall signs”) is a traditional type of signage that is mounted on the exterior wall of the building. This type of sign is highly visible, especially at night because it is internally illuminated (from lights that are housed inside of the box) to display the sign’s text or image, most often a business name or logo. The sign face of a box sign is a plastic or acrylic sheet that has been printed on and mounted to the cabinet to be displayed. If you’re interested in one of these great signs for your business, contact Legacy Signs of Texas today. We serve the entirety of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Cabinet Sign Design and Manufacturing Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Custom Built Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are one of the most popular types of signs to put in front of a building. Whether that building is a storefront or serves another purpose, a cabinet sign creates a highly visible presentation that can last a very long time.

A typical sign cabinet box is made from an aluminum sheet and plastics, making it very resistant to weather and primed to last a long time in the face of harsh conditions. The plastic face of the sign itself is also easily changeable if the signage ever needs to be switched.

Full Cabinet Sign Service

At Legacy Signs of Texas we offer a full cabinet sign package, including:

When you take advantage of our signage resources, your building will be more visible for customers.

Contact us today for a custom cabinet sign for your business.

Business Benefits of Cabinet Box Signs

Box signs are highly visible, durable, and very adaptable. That is what makes box cabinet signage ideal for storefronts, especially businesses where the storefront is rented. This type of signage rarely needs any maintenance and is a great way to display the store name (or other pertinent information) that can be easily changed when necessary.

Cabinet/box signs are popular with a restaurant owners budget due to their low maintenance and the ability to change the mounted graphics, especially when updating their aesthetic and/or menu. Our team has installed this kind of signage for a number of restaurants in the Fort Worth area.

Other Benefits

Churches, community centers, and apartment complexes all tend to favor the flexibility of cabinet signs. The sign cabinet frame can be built to a custom size, and the acrylic face can be printed with any color that will be vibrant as an illuminated sign, day and night.

Designing a Sign Cabinet

The construction of you custom business sign will have the best impact when you have the ability to work with a design and fabrication team. That’s exactly what each project gets with Legacy Signs of Texas.

You’ll have the ability to partner with our expert design team, who will get to know your business and the goal of your business sign. That will enable them to help you explore different design options and possibilities that help create a better sign.

Types of Sign Cabinets

  • Outdoor/exterior
  • Indoor/interior
  • Wall-mounted
  • Double-sided
  • Single-sided
  • Pole mount

Completed In-House

Once you settle on the design, we will fabricate your cabinet sign at our Dallas/Fort Worth location. We are not sending the design to a different group or facility to be built, so nothing will be lost in translation. The fabrication team will work right beside our design team and has direct access to them whenever any questions might arise.

Fast Delivery

Since we complete the project right here in Texas, you won’t have to wait for long shipping delays. You’ll get it as soon as we’re done making it!

Cabinet Sign Installation

Legacy Signs of Texas can install any cabinet sign, even if it was manufactured by us.

A professional install is important for the longevity of your sign. You can be confident that it was mounted properly and that the internal lighting is wired correctly. You can be sure that your sign will last longer and look better because it is installed correctly from the beginning.

Professional Sign Repairs

We also offer sign repair and maintenance services.

If your cabinet sign gets damaged, we can fix it. Having your sign restored by the company who made it is a great way to have the confidence that it was serviced correctly.

Even if we didn’t build you signs - we can still repair them.

We Do It All

With Legacy Signs of Texas, you have access to everything you need for amazing cabinet signs that will promote your business or association. From design and fabrication to installation and repair, the complete range of services is available from a single provider.

Contact us today for custom signage services in Dallas/Fort Worth. We can get started designing your sign, and you’ll have it installed at your location quickly.

Our Sign Warranty

Our warranty is pretty simple - we stand behind every sign we design, fabricate, and install.

You will receive a written warranty that will be easy to understand. You won’t have to deal with a hidden agenda, hidden fees or guesswork. You will get a custom guarantee that is tailored to your sign.

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Cabinet Signs Gallery

Cabinet Signs Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Cabinet Signs Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Cabinet Signs Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Cabinet Signs Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Cabinet Signs Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Cabinet Signs Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Cabinet Signs Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Cabinet Signs Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Cabinet Signs Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Cabinet Signs Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Cabinet Signs Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Cabinet Signs Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Cabinet Signs Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

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I was looking for someone to create our sign for our business. Hands down this is the most professional vendor, I have ever worked with. I have always said No one will ever care about your business than you, with legacy sign this is not true. From day one my experience has been pretty much stress free. They truly care about your project and your vision for your sign. The amount the detail, and care that went into the sign was paramount. I am truly impressed, and will use them again. You get what you pay for. Truly good quality, is worth the money.

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Dennis Bear

Very pleasant experience with the whole team at Legacy Signs. We will definitely be using them again as the need arises.

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Kristi Gill

Legacy Signs of Texas is truly a great company to work with. They produce quality products in the most timely manner. Bill has helped several of our clients with their signs and every client is more than satisfied with the product. I would recommend this company to anyone!

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Dale and Roger were great to work with, especially helping us get through the permitting process. The sign quality was excellent and prices very reasonable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for signage.

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Brett Parham

Outstanding customer service from a trustworthy/reliable family owned business. Thank you Legacy Signs for helping my business look professional. I really appreciated the quick turnaround- everyone was super helpful and the design is drawing a lot of business. I will definitely return for all of my sign needs in the future! Thank you!!

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